The only you found constant energy shock wave handpiece on the market

The first and only handpiece that deliver constant Energy Flux Density (EFD) output across the entire frequency spectrum. Second to none, the Swiss Dolorclast Evoblue makes a breakthrough with its technical design.

How it works?

Ballistic generation, compressed air accelerates a projectile, which strikes a fixed applicator at high speed (up to 90 km/h) – the kinetic energy is converted into a shock wave delivered to the target tissue through the skin.


  • Unique and patented valve system: constant energy output, no matter the frequency
  • Smart lock piston: perform your maintenance in the 30s without any tool


  • Model: Swiss Dolorclast Evoblue Handpiece
  • Technology: Ballistic radial ESWT handpiece
  • Frequency range: 1 – 20 Hz
  • Air pressure range: 1,5 – 4 bar
  • Energy output: Positive energy density (15mm – up to 0,18 mJ/mm2 and 15mm focus – up to 0,28 mJ/mm2)
  • Cavitation: Increases with frequency, down to 3 cm