Addressing your deep chronic musculoskeletal pathologies

  • Deliver the highest energy and cavitation to tackle deep recalcitrant tendinopathies
  • Provide comfort even when treating highly painful enthesopathy
  • Obtain a maintenance-free console that boosts your practice profitability


Its peak of positive and negative pressure is 2 times higher than other devices, which means that total energy density is greater with the piezoclast than the second-best device.


  • Deliver high energy
  • Deliver twice as high peak pressure than the competitive device
  • Treat even the deepest pathologies thanks to penetration of 8 cm
  • Treat anywhere anytime with a transportable device and a weight of 10kg


  • Piezoelectric generator avoids mechanical displacement to comfortably treat sensitive patients or pathologies such as enthesopathy
  • Low-running maintenance costs
  • Maintenance free console
  • Handpiece lifetime of > 5M impulses
  • No water cooling system


  • Technology: Focused ESWT with piezoelectric generator
  • Controls: LCD Screen with frequency and pressure controller
  • Frequency range: 1 – 8 Hz
  • Intensity level: 1 – 20
  • Impulse range: 500 – 9500
  • Energy output: Positive Energy Density (up to 0,42mJ/mm2) – Total
  • Energy Density (up to 0,82mJ/mm2)
  • Cavitation: Down to 8cm